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hrHome to fashion for retailers and consumers globally. We will be bringing you the very best in fashion to your home. If your looking for bridal wear and groom wear then take a look at the bridal and groom section. We are also supporting new fashion designers, who can advertise with Asian fashion magazine. Why not contact us for more ideas.. We have created this website for both, the retailer and the consumer. Here everyone can engage with wedding products and services while even sitting at home. Speak with the supplier directly if they wish to do so. Asian Fashion Magazine will lead the path. Others will follow. Let us create better ads for you. Let us help you increase sales. Let us be brand creative. Be part of our team. Begin Advertising with us. Contact us today.

We will be specializing in Asian bride and groom wear as well as everything you need to plan a big wedding day.

AFM is Asian Fashion Magazine specialises in All types of fashion. Oceana Wedding is a complete wedding magazine.

AFM is a trading name of its publication and belongs to AFM Publishing ltd. Asian Fashion Magazine is a trading name of its publication and belongs to AFM Publishing ltd.

Oceana wedding is a trading name of its publication and belongs to AFM Publishing ltd.

Here at Asian Fashion Magazine (A F M ) and Oceana Wedding we engage in B2B and B2C.

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