Finding a suitable catering supplier is easy at Asian fashion magazine. Planning a wedding is no easy task. Once you have planned your venue you need to plan for your catering as many venues may not offer catering. Looking for a caterer is very important part of you big wedding day. Catering has become very expensive over the years ranging from £20 per head to well over £80 per head. Per head means food supplied to per individual guest or member.

Most wedding caters require a deposit; this can even be half of the final cost. Many would also require up to 65% and the rest being paid on the day.

You need to check this with your wedding catering supplier. Ask them if there are any further costs.

You need to work out how many guests you’re inviting and what is your budget. You should be able to negotiate on the price.

Choosing the menu is very important. Wedding catering suppliers will have both veg and non veg, but check this out first on their websites.

Making a choice in which dishes to have served on your wedding day is also very hard, friends and family can help. Just think back when you last went to a wedding and what was being served, what did you like and what did the other guests liked. Asian community has always found that word of mouth is very important and this is where you can ask your friends to recommend you some wedding catering suppliers.

However at Asian fashion magazine has given you some help in making your decision by providing you with wedding catering suppliers. We also have a special blog regards to this subject. Giving much more in-depth. Soon our own complied e-book will be available to download for free.

Just remember most of your guests look forward to eating and drinking a long with great entertainment.

Asian fashion magazine is always trying to help our readers by bringing up to date information.

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Indian Wedding Catering USA

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Indian Wedding Catering USA

Indian Wedding Catering USA

Indian wedding catering India