Flowers are part of lives and wedding florists will high light the venue; somewhere in our lives flowers will play a part. Flowers for all seasons and occasions. Choosing the right florist is very important. Asian fashion magazine believe that going to the place to choose your flowers, your supplier will be able to let you know what is in, you will be very surprised how many people get this wrong. I have been to many weddings where someone in the bride’s family have gone ahead and made the decision. Unfortunately it wasn’t the right choice. Here at Asian fashion magazine we say it’s the little detail that adds to the bigger picture. You need flowers not only on guest tables, but bride’s maid, brides’ hair, off course these need to be in coordination with the rest of the wedding theme. Wedding hair flowers are very important, Asian fashion magazine will be bringing great flowers ideas. We just don’t want be remembered as just an Asian fashion magazine, we want to part of your wedding planning every bit of the way. Whether be Asian wedding or non-Asian wedding. Every Asian bride and non-Asian bride has her involvement with flowers, she will traditionally carry a bouquet of flowers.