Health and fitness is now becoming very much part of our lives. If you feel good on the inside you will also on the outside. Many say you are what you eat phrase. At Asian fashion magazine we understand the importance of health and fitness. Records show that Asian people are more likely to suffer from heart attacks than any other race.

Asian diets which have very high cholesterol and way of lifestyle add in the stress factor well its no surprise that many have cardiovascular problems. So how can we change this? Asian fashion magazine looks more in to this.

We have created a separate site for this. A separate blog and also you can follow us on twitter.

In this edition of Asian fashion magazine we bring you tips on staying healthy. Anti-aging tips and to top it all lifestyle.

We bring you editorial that many magazines would not even think of.

Yoga seems to be catching the European Asians by storm. Its 5000 years old. We bring you tips from many experts. We bring you videos from the main people themselves.

In depth on vitamin supplements what we think works and what not. We bring you exercise tips.

Asian fashion magazine shows you that we are much more than a fashion magazine. We are part of your life.

Asian fashion magazine will bring you week after week information on how to keep fit and young.