Jewellery has always played a significant part of the wedding. Whether it is the groom side or the bride. No Asian bride is complete without this. Jewellery in many families has been passed on by mother to daughter in some religions and this has made the mother daughter relationship much more special.

Gold has played a major part up until know. As prices have gone so high and limited affordability has come in to play many are now looking at other alternatives. With the rising prices of other wedding related services, such as catering, venue hire and much more many have found to limit the amount of gold gifts.

Asian fashion magazine believe that there are many ways in keeping the traditional side of gifting gold without over spending. We look at how and where can you buy. Where can you save significant amount of money.

We also look at what’s trending, white gold comes in to play as well as diamonds.

We cater for all. At Asian fashion magazine we will bring you the latest retailers from all over the world, so you get all the advantages of huge savings.

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Asian fashion magazine brings you suppliers and retailers in jewellery with new modern designs.