Re-live those happy moments of your wedding day again and again. Be sure to hire a photographer that knows what your whole theme is about. To take those photos as when required throughout each individual ceremony. Asian weddings can have many ceremonies that go on for over a few days and each ceremony has its own theme.

Discuss with the chosen photographer how many days the event will be and the times. Each photographer will offer different services; some may customise your album some may not.

Wedding photographer’s costs can vary from place to place, depending how far they will need to travel and what arrangements are required to stay overnight if needed.

Wedding photographers require deposits and the final payment may be collected by some on the wedding day.

Each wedding photographer will have some what a portfolio off the work done previously; ask them to show this work to you. Don’t make decision before you are happy with the work they have done elsewhere.

Photographers costs vary so please call round to see what suits your budget, as this could be one of the highest cost in your wedding budget.



No wedding is a wedding without a video. Family and friends always eager to the wedding video once you have been married. Wedding video bring laughter to all the family and friends who watch how they looked on your wedding day. Music and dance being the best part in any Asian wedding and non-Asian wedding.

The atmosphere recorded on your wedding day, is going to be most memorable and re-live the wedding forever more.

Most married couples cannot wait to see their wedding video once they return from their lovely honeymoon.

Asian fashion magazine will bring you as many photographers and videographers to you. Like with all good things, good videographers get taken quickly, so if you have one in mind, better put a deposit and make sure the dates are available.